Abilene Commercial Kitchen
2533 S. Treadaway Blvd. – Abilene, Texas

Just wanted to show a couple of photos from a locally owned business in Abilene. They have all kinds of cool gadgets to main stream everyday kitchen supplies. They should be the first place you go for all your kitchen supplies!  Great prices as well.  Not only commercial sales but open to the public.  I have gone into the local chain stores expecting to get kitchen supplies and utensils at a good price but seems like everything is made out of plastic and cheap. These guys have the quality utensils you are looking for.  Abilene Commercial Kitchens in now my first stop when I’m looking for anything that I need in the kitchen. Swing by and check them out!  Great Prices & Friendly people, doesn’t get much better than that!

Check out their ad in the 2015 Fall Issue of one of Abilene’s best magazines… Abilene Living Magazine. Also available online! Subscribe today! Did I mention this gorgeous magazine is FREE?!


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